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Not everyone can make it to downtown Seattle for ECCC (we get it, although we wish you’d visit more), but we want to make sure you can still tune in for some of the best content from ECCC 2018. We have partnered with SYFY Wire to bring you celebrity interviews, gaming tournaments, live art demonstrations, panels, merch reveals and more, conveniently available on your web browser or mobile device. It’s a cool way to see what’s going on in the WSCC all four days of the show and rewatch your favorite highlights after ECCC is over (because we know you miss us as much as we miss you).

How Do I Watch?

You can access ECCC Live directly from this page or you can watch on Make sure to bookmark the stream so you can check back on all the content throughout the weekend!

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Check out all of the content in person at the ECCC Live Stage on the Show Floor, Booth #1850.

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WSCC 611 Panel Room

ECCC Live Schedule


11:00 AM Kristen Gudsnuk Talks ‘Henchgirl’
11:15 AM Annalee Newitz Talks ‘Autonomous’ Novel
11:30 AM Inside the Wrestling Comic ‘Headlocked’
11:45 AM Jen Vaughn Talksk ‘Goosebumps’ Comic
12:00 PM SYFY WIRE Presents: Fangrrls
12:15 PM Stan Sakai Talks ‘Usagi Yojimbo’
12:30 PM Paul Allor Talks ‘Clue’ Comic
12:45 PM ‘Rick and Morty’ Comics Team On Adapating The Hit Series
1:00 PM Paul Tobin & Colleen Coover Talks ‘Bandette’
1:15 PM Aspen Comics: 15th Anniversary Preview
1:45 PM Zach Callison Interview (‘Steven Universe’)
2:15 PM Max Dunbar Talks ‘Gears of War’ Comic
2:30 PM SYFY WIRE Presents: Jim Mahfood & Jason Shawn Alexander Live Art
3:30 PM Matt Hawkins: 25 Years In Comics
3:45 PM Phil LaMarr Interview
4:15 PM Chris Claremont Interview
4:30 PM Cat Farris Talks ‘My Boyfriend Is A Bear’
4:45 PM Yehudi Mercado Talks 'Sci-Fu' Comic
5:00 PM Translating ‘Devilman’
5:15 PM Ivy Noelle Weir & Steenz Talk ‘Archival Quality’
5:30 PM ‘Voltron: Legendary Defender’ Producers Talk Season 5
5:45 PM Donny Cates Talks ‘Reactor’ Comic


11:00 AM Body Painting Demo w/ Dutch Bihary
12:00 PM SYFY WIRE Presents: Fangrrls
12:15 PM Jonathan Coulton & Molly Lewis Talks Nerd Rock
12:30 PM Critical Role’s Laura Bailey & Travis Willingham
1:00 PM Royden Lepp Talks ‘Rust’ Comic
1:15 PM Terry Moore Talks ‘Strangers In Paradise’
1:30 PM Ryan Ferrier Talks ‘G.I. Joe Vs. Six Million Dollar Man’
1:45 PM Tim Sale Interview
2:00 PM Brian Herring Interview (Star Wars’ BB-8)
2:30 PM SYFY WIRE Presents: Fandom Files
2:45 PM Brandon Sanderson Talks ‘Cosmere’ Novels
3:00 PM Andy Suriano Talks ‘Cosmic Scoundrels’ & TMNT
3:15 PM Jeremy Shada Interview (‘Adventure Time’)
3:30 PM David Hayter Interview (‘Metal Gear Solid’)
4:00 PM Brian Michael Bendis Interview
4:30 PM Shannon Purser Interview
4:45 PM Firefly’s Summer Glau & Sean Maher
5:15 PM Eliot Rahal Talks ‘Cult Classic: Return To Whisper’
5:30 PM Sean Rubin Talks ‘Bolivar’ Comic
5:45 PM Inside The ‘Dead Of Winter’ Comic


11:00 AM Hope Nicholson On Kickstarting Your Comic
11:15 AM Tini Howard Talks ‘Assassinistas’ Comic
11:30 AM How To Break Into Comics
11:45 AM Ryan Ferrier Talks ‘Kong On The Planet Of The Apes’
12:00 PM SYFY WIRE Presents: Fangrrls
12:15 PM Mark Russell Talks IDW’s New ‘Judge Dredd’ Comic
12:30 PM Felicia Day Interview
1:00 PM Sketch Fighter Live!
2:15 PM Star Wars Novels Interview
2:30 PM Elfquest: Countdown To Final Quest
2:45 PM ‘American Gods’ Cast Interview
3:15 PM Inside The ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ Comic
3:30 PM SYFY WIRE Presents: Debate Club
3:45 PM Irene Koh Talks ‘Legend of Korra’ Comics
4:00 PM Patrick Rothfuss Interview
4:30 PM Valiant Comics 2018 Preview
4:45 PM R.A. Salvatore Interview
5:00 PM Ivy Doomkitty Interview
5:30 PM Inside the ‘Alien Bounty Hunter’ Comic
5:45 PM Inside Hero Complex Gallery’s Pop Culture Art
6:00 PM Mike & Laura Allred Interview
6:15 PM Delilah Dawson & Jody Houser Talks ‘Star Wars: Forces of Destiny’ Comic
6:30 PM Inside Skybound’s ‘Evolution’ Comic


11:00 AM Star Wars Collecting w/ Super Fan Gus Lopez
11:30 AM Matt Mair Lowery & Cassie Anderson Talks ‘Lifeformed: Cleo Makes Contact’
11:45 AM Oni Press 2018 Preview
12:00 PM SYFY WIRE Presents: Fangrrls
12:15 PM Inside The 'Star Wars Adventures' Comic
12:30 PM David Petersen Talks ‘Mouse Guard’
12:45 PM Toy Tokyo Interview
1:00 PM Funko 2018 Preview
1:30 PM Comic Book Legal Defense Fund: Censorship In 2018
1:45 PM Vault Comics 2018 Preview
2:00 PM Inside ‘Dead Weight: Murder At Camp Bloom’
2:30 PM Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd & Tom Wilson
3:00 PM SYFY WIRE Presents: Who Won The Con



1:15 PM Patrick Rothfuss Spotlight
3:45 PM Brian Herring Spotlight
5:00 PM Khary Payton Spotlight
6:15 PM Dreamworks Voltron: Legendary Defender, A Netflix Original Series


12:00 PM Let’s Talk Firefly With The Tams
1:15 PM Critical Role
2:30 PM Felicia Day Spotlight
3:45 PM Jeremy Shada Spotlight
5:00 PM Wil Wheaton Spotlight


12:15 PM Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd & Tom Wilson
1:30 PM American Gods
2:45 PM Twisted Toonz
5:45 PM Matthew Lewis
7:30 PM Western Championships Of Cosplay


12:15 PM Mark Sheppard
1:30 PM Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Voice Acting



2:45 PM Zach Callison Spotlight
4:00 PM Cyanide & Happiness Waste Your Time
5:15 PM Headlocked: Wrestling And Comics Collide!


12:15 PM Phil LaMarr Spotlight
1:30 PM Jonathan Coulton Spotlight
4:00 PM Brandon Sanderson Spotlight
5:15 PM The Universe Of Star Wars
6:30 PM Gamers Live: American Sentinel


11:00 AM Anne Wheaton
12:15 PM Shannon Purser Spotlight
1:30 PM Family-Friendly Fantasy: Keeping It PG In The Age Of Grimdark & Game Of Thrones
2:45 PM Trek Talk – Star Trek: Discovery & More
4:00 PM Star Wars Books
5:15 PM The Critical Hit Show: A Live Epic Improvised Fantasy!


11:00 AM Jim Butcher Spotlight
12:15 PM Brian Herring
1:30 PM Terry Brooks Spotlight
2:45 PM Kirby Krackle

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