Kids activities from home

Looking for fun ways to bring the vibe of Emerald City Comic Con home to your kiddos? Check out the content below from the ECCC team and friends of the show.

Cosplay Idea Journal

Now is a great time to exercise a muscle that we often forget to use: our imagination!  In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make a Cosplay Idea Journal from materials you have lying around the house and how to use that journal to plan out your own amazing cosplays!

Materials you need to make your journal:

Samples of how your journal will look:

Watch the tutorial here

Follow along with The Honest Cosplayer as she walks you through how to make your very own cosplay journal. Once you’re done and have filled it all out, parents can post it on social media with the hashtag #ECCCDreamCosplay for a chance to have your cosplay posted here (like a digital refrigerator to show off your creation) and even a chance to have your cosplay made for you by the PNW Guild of Cosplayers!