Cosplay Central at ECCC

Cosplay Central

Cosplay Central is the place to be for anyone interested in cosplay! While you’re there, meet other cosplay enthusiasts at photo meetups from your favorite fandom, and utilize ECCC photo backdrops for some great pics. Whether you have been cosplaying for years or are interested in beginning now, there is something here for everyone! Attend cosplay workshops for all levels to learn new techniques, connect with fellow cosplayers, and return to your everyday human cosplay using our cosplay changing rooms. 

Be sure to visit Cosplay Central at ECCC, located on TCC Chelan Level 2!

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Cosplay Community

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a competitive professional, the cosplay community is open to everyone! At ECCC’s Cosplay Central, we are proud to offer cosplay programming and foster connections between fans and the community. 

Cosplay Central Crown Championships 2022 at ECCC

The Cosplay Central Crown Championships is back for 2022! The global final will be held at C2E2 in 2023 and beyond.

Craftsmanship is still at the heart of the championship. All of the entries will have their costume construction closely inspected by our judges, before they take to the stage and show off their creations.  

Make sure to head to the Main Stage on Saturday to see which of the incredible entries will claim victory and receive a cash prize and a trip to C2E2 in 2023 where they will compete against winners selected at Florida Supercon, NYCC and C2E2 compete against cosplayers from all over the world.

Registration for the Cosplay Central Crown Championships are now open! Click here for rules and registration. Please email with any queries. 

PNW Guild of Cosplayers

The PNW Guild of Cosplayers is a community of cosplayers here in the Pacific Northwest. With over 550 members, they span from Vancouver, British Columbia to southern Oregon. The Guild is proud to serve the local cosplay community by hosting meetups, photo shoots, mentorship and support for members. They are a community of cosplayers, by cosplayers. You can find them at most of your local conventions and community events here in the Pacific Northwest. The guild is founded on the premise of inclusivity and support. They work to improve the local cosplay community by promoting friendship, community, tolerance and support.

The PNW Guild of Cosplayers will be the official booth at Cosplay Central for cosplay repairs, and will be hosting live demonstrations and a cosplay prop wall throughout the weekend. 


SheProp's mission is to bring knowledge of building processes and techniques to female, non-binary and transgender cosplayers of all skill levels, and to encourage members to create, learn and inspire each other, as well as be positive role models themselves within the maker community. Visit their Cosplay Central booth to find out more about this inclusive and supportive community.

Guest Judges

The Honest Cosplayer

Modulus Props


Cosplay Showcase

The Cosplay Showcase is where fans and cosplayers can showcase their craftsmanship in style. Taking place on Sunday, this event is open to all cosplayers with hand made costumes and is an opportunity for fans of all levels to strut their stuff in Room 611-614. Register at the Cosplay Central administration desk during the show. There are prizes (for over 18s only) but cosplayers are free to take part just for fun if they do not wish to be judged. Family Groups and Juniors (13-17) are also welcome to take part just for fun with any costume.

Costume, Weapons & Props Rules

Cosplay is a welcome and important part of our shows; however, each show also has its limitations and guidelines so that cosplay can stay safe for everyone. Read more about our show’s prop weapons policy here.

Cosplay is NOT Consent

Emerald City Comic Con has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind. Please read our full policy here.