Gaming @ ECCC

Emerald City Comic Con’s Gaming areaFrom board games to video games, from classic arcade games to roleplaying games, to unreleased soon-to-be favorites, Emerald City Comic Con’s Gaming area has it all! Expanding to two floors in its new location in TCC Lower Level and Level 1, you are invited to explore a wide range of gaming goodness, and stay late into the evening, long after the main show floor and panels have ended for the day. Come out and play some games!

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cascadeCascade Games will be running a wide range of free play and tournament gaming at Emerald City Comic Con including Magic the Gathering, Pokemon TCG, Pokemon GO!, Keyforge, Star Wars Destiny, Upper Deck VS 2PCG & Ascension.

Check out the Demo Spotlights to play a variety of games both casually & competitively. Enter to play in a league or tournament & earn Prize Tokens to redeem for items in the Cascade retail area. 

Stay tuned for more details!

microsoftThe Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square is bringing console gaming to ECCC! Play your favorite Xbox games and enter into a tournament to win some cool prizes all weekend long.

From board games to video games, from classic arcade games to roleplaying games, to unreleased soon-to-be favorites, Emerald City Comic Con’s Gaming area has it all! Expanding to two floors in its new location in TCC Lower Level and Level 1, you are invited to explore a wide range of gaming goodness, and stay late into the evening, long after the main show floor and panels have ended for the day. Come out and play some games!


We are thrilled to again bring you demonstrations of some of the best new and soon-to-be-released video, mobile, board, card and roleplaying games from a variety of Pacific Northwest game designers. Demos will rotate every three hours all show long, so plan to visit often to try them all!

Listed below are the selected games for the Showcase. Please visit the Showcase Schedule Grid for specific times each game will be demonstrated. Or check out the ECCC mobile app.

PC Game

Fiction Factory Games

Arcade Spirits, a romantic visual novel, follows an alternate timeline set in the year 20XX where the 1983 video game crash never occurred. After a turbulent work history, you are granted employment at the Funplex, a popular arcade, home to a host of unique personalities and customers. Where will this new-found employment take you? Who will you meet along the way? Will you find the romance you're seeking?

Board/Card Game

Seattle GameCo

ARGUTE™ is an exciting trick-taking card game. If you like to play poker, cribbage, euchre, hearts, spades or Uno, then this is the new game for you! ARGUTE™ is for 2-7 players and it’s each one for themselves; no teams. Perfect for friends or inter-generational social events: at the cabin, after Thanksgiving, on the train, you name it.

PC Game


Deleveled is a puzzle platformer where you cannot jump and you control two characters at the same time. Navigate through levels by smacking into the bottom of the other player and send them flying through the air. Voted Community Choice at the Seattle Indies Game Jam.

Board/Card Game

Cast Iron Game Lab    

A tower defense roll and write game where players roll dice to build towers, eliminate The Horde and gain points! All with three dice, a pen and a piece of paper!

Console Game

Archive Entertainment

A battle accountant storms the castle to rescue a princess, but accidentally rescues an overly friendly dragoness instead. It's a humorous adventure story in the vein of point & click classics, told with an anime inspired 3D visual style and modern controller-friendly input.

PC Game

Golden Glitch

Elsinore is a time-looping adventure game set in the world of Shakespeare's Hamlet. Elsinore combines strong social simulation elements, a dynamic story that reacts immediately to player decisions, and a world full of diverse characters with secrets to uncover.

Board/Card Game

Cherry Picked Games

Far Away is a two-player cooperative board game about discovery, survival, and the crushing loneliness of being the only two humans for lightyears.

Board/Card Game

Victoria Cana 

In Gladius, play as cunning Roman citizens who have gathered in the Colosseum with one simple goal: to make the most money by backing the right team competing in the gladiatorial games. However, in these games, fortune favors the bold. Through the skillful use of underhanded tactics, players can help and hinder gladiator teams to alter the outcome of each battle. Can you outwit your opponents to turn a profit, or will you be left empty-handed.

Board/Card Game

Counter Clockwork Games

The castle is being overrun by goblins! But you have bigger problems, the King is dead and you just might be next in line for the throne! Can you overpower your rivals to take control of the kingdom in time to fight off the swarm, or are you secretly the Goblin King in disguise?

He-Man and the Battle of Grayskull Temple

Miniatures Game

Bruce Smith    

He-Man, Teela, & Man-at-Arms, try to wrest control of the Temple of Grayskull from Skeletor, Beastman & Mer-Man. Who will prevail? Good or evil? Who is good and evil depends which side you pick in this game. Game uses painted 25mm Miniatures and scenery. Each game runs around 2-3 hours.

2034Complex LLC      

Follows Jarek, "servant" of the Aesir, on his quest to unveil the mystery behind the massive monster infestation in Helheim. Explore the living world of the afterlife struggling to co-exist with the monster outbreak, with original lore and world design that is nontraditional for Nordic game. Taste the chaos of battle through a unique combat design that blends brute force melee with magic casting.

Board/Card Game

Counter Clockwork Games

The darkest of times are when sparks can shine the brightest. A small band of champions is crossing the land to bring hope to those in need. They are too few to stand against the evil forces themselves, but their courage brings out the strength of the people wherever they go - even beyond the portals and in to strange new worlds. Will their leadership be enough to see the people through to victory, or is this last bastion of hope about to fall?

Cohort VIII Games

Motif is a heavier Euro style worker placement game that focuses on set collection, pattern building, area control, multi-use cards and fulfilling hidden goals to achieve victory. Players are musicians trying to build the largest repertoire to earn an audition to an orchestra at the end of the year. Over 5 tight rounds players place their workers (Notes) to complete Chords & Scales, learn Melodies & earn Rehearsal Points. The musician with the most points at the end wins the audition spot! The game uses many aspects of music theory and can be used educationally but no musical skill or knowledge is required to play.

Cannonbot Games

PK Food Fighters is a fast-paced tower defense style tug of war game. Each of the 12 collectible characters have unique rally powers that in a pinch can turn a losing match into a win. Additionally, there are 50 food fighters to collect and level up. Leveling up is important as there are 600 challenging levels.

PC Game

Laughing Manatee Games      

Puzzle Depot is a box-pushing, bug-squishing, problem-solving adventure. Assemble an eccentric cast of characters to tackle the Depot's devious rooms and deadly foes, or bring out your inner mad scientist with a robust World Editor. Inspired by classic box-pushing puzzlers such as Sokoban and The Adventures of Lolo, Puzzle Depot brings new mechanics and light RPG elements to the genre. Solve the Depot's puzzles, and you might just save the human race from extinction!

Board/Card Game

Cohort VIII Games      

Ratfink: Scurry & Scamper is a trick-taking, take-that action card game set in the walls & countertops of your house. Players are rats scurrying & scampering to amass the largest cheese hoard, while trying to stick their fellow rats with the biggest pile of traps (Finks)! Players battle over 7 rounds to win tricks & earn cheese. The winner is whoever has the fewest Finks by the final round.

Board/Card Game

MEGA MINT Games LLC         

What better way to thank your visitors than by tossing them into the sacrificial pit? Build and maintain your own demonic petting zoo in this light-hearted, strategic set collection game for 2-4 players.

Board/Card Game

Cast Iron Game Lab

A medium-weight 4X roll and write game. Players take turns rolling dice and placing writable tiles to Explore the land, Expand their territory, Exploit the land - both friendly and enemy, and Exterminate the enemy!

Board/Card Game

Way of the Beard Games

Stollis is a spacial relationship recognition game in which 2-6 players compete to score the most points by connecting the walls of shaped tiles.

Board/Card Game

Flatout Games

Tapas is a puzzly spatial movement and tableau-building card game for 2-4 players. In Tapas aspiring tapas chefs compete to build the most tantalizing platter of tapas to present to the judges of the world-famous tapas-off competition! Race through the kitchen collecting different food types to be crowned the top tapas chef!

Board/Card Game

Flatout Games

Truffle Shuffle is a fast-paced card drafting game where 2-4 players compete to collect the most delicious combinations of chocolate truffles! As players take turns taking chocolates from the chocolate box, they must combine them to make sets. Action cards allow players to manipulate the draft and convert their chocolates in order to build the most impressive sets of truffles!

Mobile Game

Rumor Games, LLC

Unnatural Disaster is the anti-city-builder! An action/puzzle game that pits players, armed with an arsenal of “acts of God,” against a thriving virtual metropolis. The perfect recipe for a true BOOM town! Leverage the awesome power of tornadoes, earthquakes, and more to strategically smash cities and gleefully grind skyscrapers to dust. You’re not a city-builder, you’re an artificial force of nature. An UNNATURAL DISASTER!

Board/Card Game

Gold Nugget Game

Vamp on the Batwalk is a showtaking game for 3-6 players. It plays similar to a trick taking game as you have cards with suits and values and players place one card each in a clockwise order. But since you are vampires you can’t see yourself in a mirror, hence you can’t see the face value of your card. You must rely on the suit shown on the back of the card and what other players have in their hands in order to make a decision on which card to play.

Hyperspace XR, LLC

We are builders of large-scale free roam untethered virtual reality experiences and the platform that powers them. Players (travelers) experience the world in groups together, immersing themselves in VR for the length of a TV show. Playable space is currently at 2,000-4,000 square feet but can be expanded over time. Travelers will be encouraged to immerse themselves in environmental effects like heat, cold, wind, smell, touch, rumble, and more. All while taking an adventure as a living part of the story. Our first experience is a magical journey called Wonderfall: Tale of Two Realms. Open now at Pacific Science Center.


Console Gaming (Yakima Level)

The Microsoft Store at Bellevue Square is bringing console gaming to ECCC! Play your favorite Xbox games and enter into a tournament to win some cool prizes all weekend long. Participate in King of the hill style tournaments, where the longer you keep your win streak alive, the better prize you’ll receive. Games include:

  • Dead or Alive 6
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • Jump Force
  • Soulcalibur 6
  • Tekken 7
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Arcade Gaming (Yakima Level)

Emerald City Comicon in conjunction with the Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show is pleased to bring you the classic arcade at ECCC 2019.  The arcade will be available from opening time until 10:00 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and until 4:30 pm on Sunday. Full size arcade games will be set to free-play and are available to all ECCC attendees. This is your chance to play some of the best games ever made which range from 1980s classics to the most recent games!

If you enjoy the arcade, check out the Northwest Pinball & Arcade Show on May 31 through June 2nd at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center. The show is a volunteer-run nonprofit event which will have hundreds of games on free-play along with seminars, tournaments, artists, prizes and more. For more information, check out their website at


Freeplay/Lending Library (TCC Skagit 1/Lower Level)

Want to try out a new board game, or play an old favorite? Come to the ECCC Game Lending Library, browse our shelves, and grab an open table. The Library is available to all show attendees free of charge (photo ID required to check out games).

Cascade Games Tournaments (TCC Skagit 2 and 3/Lower Level)

Cascade Games will be running a wide range of free play and tournament gaming at Emerald City Comic Con including Magic the Gathering, Pokemon TCG, Pokemon GO!, Keyforge, Star Wars Destiny, Upper Deck VS 2PCG & Ascension. Check out the Demo Spotlights to play a variety of games both casually & competitively. Enter to play in a league or tournament & earn Prize Tokens to redeem for items in the Cascade retail area.

View full event schedule and details at the Cascade Games website

Tak Tournament (TCC Skagit/Lower Level)

Sunday 11:00AM - The U.S. Tak Association will be running a tournament for Tak (A Beautiful Game), an abstract strategy game based on the works of Patrick Rothfuss. Sign-ups will be available at the ECCC Board Game Lending Library desk on Sunday morning. Max 16 players.

Unpublished Board Game Playtesting (TCC Skagit/Lower Level)

Hosted by PlaytestNW, we are proud to once again bring unpublished board games to ECCC, giving you a sneak peek into the design and development of next year’s most exciting games – today! Come play unreleased games, and help their creators improve and refine their games throughout the show.

Mystery Box Game Design Challenge (TCC Skagit/Lower Level)

Saturday 3PM - Stretch your creative muscles in the return of the Game Design Challenge. Alongside game design professionals, work in teams to create a board game using only a box of mystery items. Stick around afterward to play and critique your fellow competitors’ creations! There will be prizes for the the best game design. Sign ups open Saturday morning at the PlaytestNW Administration Table. Limit 25 participants.

Play-and-Win Games (TCC Skagit 1/Lower Level)

Back for it's 6th year, ECCC is proud to present the Board Game Play-and-Win program. Sponsored by Double Exposure Envoy, a wide array of board game publishers provide our show with copies of some of their newest titles, for you to win! Each player (and teacher) gets a raffle ticket for a chance to win the games they demo.

Social Deduction Gaming - Blood on the Clocktower (TCC Skagit/Lower Level, and The Hive Interactive, TCC L2-R2)

In the quiet village of Ravenswood Bluff a demon walks amongst you, murdering by
night and disguised in human form by day. Will the good townsfolk put the puzzle together in time to execute the true demon, or will evil overrun this once peaceful village? Blood on the Clocktower is a captivating and addictive new social bluffing game for those who delight in deduction and deception. In Blood on the Clocktower dead players are never eliminated, every player knows something that can impact the outcome, players may enter a game after it starts, the Storyteller may give misinformation to players who are “drunk” or “poisoned”, and the dynamic Storyteller role leads each game to a nail-biting outcome. No two games are ever the same and death is not the end…Find out more at

New sessions will be held continuously throughout ECCC, near the Game Lending Library.


Featuring introductory and advanced adventures, we have plenty of Role Playing Games to available to play throughout the show. Visit the our RPG area to sign up for one of our Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Story Games/Indie RPGs, or browse through our Classic RPG library.

Classic RPGs (TCC Skagit/Lower Level)

The Alexandria RPG Library will have over 1000 source books and modules from scores of tabletop RPG systems, available for you browse through, or to use to run a session. They will be coordinating GMs to be on hand to introduce you to some of the greatest role playing games of the past 40 years. Sign up for a Shadowrun session, see if you can outwit Friend Computer in Paranoia, or have the arcane ways of THAC0 explained. All experience levels welcome!

Scheduled RPG Sessions

Sign-up sheets for scheduled sessions will be posted at the Alexandria RPG Library as soon as the show opens.

  • Critical Role Themed One-Shot

    System: Dungeons and Dragons (5E)    
    Game Host: Bryce Cahill           
    Time: Sunday, March 17, 10:00 AM       
    Description: Critter DMs at ECCC Facebook Event for 4-8 Lvl 2 Players; Theme: Rexxentrum/Theatre

  • Critical Role Fan Club - The Fracture of Thorn Hill

    System: Dungeons and Dragons (5E)
    Game Host: Donald J Armstrong           
    Times: Friday, March 15, 7:00 PM;
    Saturday, March 16, 7:00 PM    
    Description: A D&D 5th Edition One Shot for (4 to 8) 5th level Characters. Array ability scores, Any UA, or published material for classes and species allowed, if it is custom have the rules material handy, expect possible edits.        [AGE 13+]     

  • Critical Role Fan Club - The Battle for Whitestone

    System: Dungeons and Dragons (5E)    
    Game Host: Tabitha Hesselgesser
    Time: Thursday, March 14, 7:00 PM      
    Description: (Max 6 players) This session is a homebrew for Critters (fans of Critical Role) run by a Critter DM. Level 4 character sheets will be provided. New and experienced players welcome. For years you have lived and labored under the oppressive rule of Lord and Lady Briarwood. There have been uprisings, each of them ending in disaster. You are one of the lucky few who have survived. Now there are whispers of strange newcomers in town who say they are here to restore a surviving de Rolo to power. You dismiss it as just another rumor...until the great houses begin to burn... Now it's your turn to rise up!       [AGE 13+]

  • Critical Role Fan Club - A Night in Whitestone

    System: Dungeons and Dragons (5E)    
    Game Host: Bragi
    Time: Saturday, March 16, 7:00 PM
    Description: A D&D 5th edition (one-shot) for (4 - 12) 3rd level characters in the Tal'Dorel setting. Pre-generated character sheets will be provided. This session is designed to be challenging for new and experienced players alike. No prior D&D experience necessary. There will be little spoilers and may include some references to early episodes of the first season of Critical Role.  Having been summoned to appear before Lord and Lady Briarwood, you arrive to the city of Whitestone at dusk and find yourselves staying at an inn for the night, but all is not as it seems. Dark stirrings echo in the night. Will you resist the temptations of darkness or succumb to the voices of your darkest desires?

  • Tales from the Yawning Portal

    System: Dungeons and Dragons (5E)    
    Game Host: Ellen Trepanier
    Times: Friday, March 15, 3:00 PM;
    Saturday, March 16, 11:00 AM;
    Sunday, March 17, 2:00 PM
    Description: (Max 8 players) A variety of adventures for any level player.

Dungeons & Dragons Adventurer’s League (TCC Skagit/Lower Level)

ECCC will once again have WOTC’s D&D Adventurers League. We will be located on the Skagit/Lower Level of The Conference Center. We have pre-made characters available for you and DMs waiting to take you through the a large number of Introduction Adventures, and you can bring your AL characters back for the Tier 2 and Tier 3 adventures. We also be running the Multi-table Epic Adventures: Stardock Under Siege (Friday 8PM) and Last Call at the Yawning Portal (Saturday 8PM).

D&D Adventurers League Session Descriptions:

  • DDAL08-07 Into the Dark:

    When one of the Lords of Waterdeep asks you to root out a threat to the city, you respond to the call. Prepare for a foray into Undermountain. Part One of the Vampire Hunt trilogy.

  • DDAL08-08 Crypt of the Dark Kiss:

    Are there actually vampires in Undermountain? The Baron of Blood demands that you find out! Part Two of the Vampire Hunt trilogy.

  • DDAL08-09 Fangs and Frogs:

    Your chase to wipe out the vampires of Undermountain leads to the Slitherswamp. The master vampire is close at hand! Part Three of the Vampire Hunt trilogy.

  • DDAL08-10 The Skull Square Murders:

    When Volothamp Geddarm hires you to recover a missing key, you find yourself wrapped up in a series of murders in Lower Skullport. Can you find the killer before they find you? Part One of the Skullport Shakedown trilogy.

  • DDAL08-11 Poisoned Words:

    You search for Volo’s key has kept you in Skullport where is likes like you are about to cross wits, or swords, with the drow of Bregan D’aerthe. Only the one with the most style will survive. Part Two of the Skullport Shakedown trilogy.

  • DDAL08-12 Xanathar’s Wrath:

    This couldn’t get worse. The key you are searching for has fallen into the hands of the eye tyrant of Skullport himself. Now you just need to rob Xanathar without getting disintegrated. Part Three of the Skullport Shakedown trilogy.

  • DDAL08-13 The Vampire of Skullport:

    Something is wrong in the endless gloom of Skullport, and the Baron of Blood has tapped you to set things right. Part One of the Undying Threat trilogy.

  • DDAL08-14 Rescue from Vanrakdoom:

    Vampire in service to the Mistress of Night are somewhere in Vanrakdoom. You must locate them without drawing the attention of the other residents of this dangerous place. Part Two of the Undying Threat trilogy.

  • DDAL08-15 Forge of Fangs:

    The Forge of Fangs has been located in Vanrakdoom. While many innocents have been saved from an undying fate, the forge remains. You must tear it to the ground and end the threat forever! Part three of the Undying Threat trilogy.

  • DDAL08-16 A Change of Address:

    The hand behind all of the Baron of Blood’s troubles is revealed, and he vows to make himself the worst kind of neighbor. Part One of the Home Sweet Home trilogy.

  • DDAL08-17 The Tower of Ahghairon:

    The wizard Ahghairon, the first Lord of Waterdeep, foresaw a day when you would need his help, and so he left something for you inside his tower. Now if you could only get inside it. Part Two of the Home Sweet Home trilogy.

  • DDAL08-18 Moving Day:

    Sealed within his coffin, you must transport the Baron of Blood to his new home. Unfortunately, his new neighbors are not happy to see him move in, and the Mad Mage himself wants to throw him a housewarming. Part Three of the Home Sweet Home trilogy.

D&D Adventurers League Epic Adventures:

D&D Epics are exciting multi-table events where participants cooperate in a “mass raid”
of truly EPIC proportions; as every table works toward the same goal, individual tables act as squads that might take on different tasks, possibly affecting other tables or unlocking side quests needed to progress the event.

  • DDEP08-02 Stardock Under Siege:

    An illithid invasion fleet threatens Stardock, and only you and your allies can stop it!

  • DDEP08-03 Last Call at the Yawning Portal:

    Durnan has closed the Yawning Portal Tavern and has mysteriously disappeared back down the well into the dungeons of Undermountain. His old adventuring companion Mirt has put down his tankard and taken up his sword to find him, but he can’t do it alone. Adventurers gather from afar to answer his call and rescue one of the city’s most iconic heroes. Will YOU join them.

Pathfinder Society (TCC Skagit/Lower Level)

  • Pathfinder Playtest Demonstration

    We will be running 1 hour sessions of the new Pathfinder Playtest gaming system set to be released this August.  Come experience the new rules and see how the game has changed!  We have pregenerated characters and all the materials you will need to play so just show up and check out the new system.

  • Starfinder Playtest Demonstration

    We will be running 1 hour demonstrations of the Starfinder roleplaying game.  Starfinder takes the world of Pathfinder into the future of deep space, aliens, high technology and magic.  All materials and pregenerated characters will be provided, just walk in and we will get a game going!

  • Pathfinder 1st Edition Playtest

    For those wanting to check out the original Pathfinder system we will be offering a series of 1 hour demonstration that you can join with either your owned Pathfinder Society character or the pregenerated characters provided.  We will be offering serveral multi-part scenario featuring game play for levels one through five.

Story Games - Indie Games On Demand (TCC Yakima 2 / 1st Level)

Indie Games on Demand is excited to bring the Games on Demand model back to ECCC this year! We are an all-volunteer organization devoted to facilitating a variety of story games and indie tabletop roleplaying games for attendees at a conventions in the Pacific Northwest. At the Indie Games on Demand table, you and your friends can sign up for one of the many games on offer during our daily shifts. It’s a great option for having fun and exploring during unscheduled time!

The tabletop RPGs available for play at the Indie Games on Demand tables are universally indies titles, and some are still in playtest! This gives players the opportunity to play new games and mechanics they may not have experienced before. It also gives indie designers greater visibility. Here are just a few titles we’ll have available for play at our tables during the weekend:
Mutants in the Night, Follow, Mind of Margaret, Firebrands, The Pack, Fall of Magic, Wanderlust, and Microscope

Just bring yourself to Yakima 2, peruse the games available, and sign up for a slot in the game of your choice during an open time. Make sure to sign up a few hours before you want to play, so you can make sure you get a spot. If you have any questions, one of our friendly neighborhood table staff will be happy to help you out.

We’ll be running games, at these times, but our volunteers will be available to sign you up most anytime after 10:30AM on Thursday:
Thurs, Fri, and Sat: 11:00AM-3:00PM, 3:00PM-7:00PM, and 7:00PM-11:00PM
Sun: 10:30AM-1:30PM and 1:30PM-5:00PM.


Located in Skagit 1/Lower Level

& Friends of the Show

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