ECCC 2020 Exhibitors

ECCC's show floor brings you the best vendors in the biz covering comics & manga, collectables, apparel & accessories, games and that one really amazing thing that you forget the name of, but love coming across again while you’re walking the floor.

Featured Exhibitors

There are so many great exhibitors to experience on the show floor, you want to be sure you see them all! BUT, in case you can’t see everyone, here is a list of MUST SEE companies:

  • Arledge Comics
  • Bass Mint Pros - The Tell Tale Heart
  • Camilla d'Errico
  • Darthlolipop
  • Drea D. Illustrations
  • Mischief Corner Books
  • Morbid Heart Design
  • Penguin Random House
  • Steve Minty
  • The Queen's Quarry
  • Ultrasabers
  • Vault Comics


HomegrownOn your show floor journey, visit our Homegrown area dedicated to local exhibitors that showcase the best that the Pacific Northwest has to offer in artists, crafters, and small business owners.

Company Booth
Byte Products HOME100
Dancing Heron Illustration HOME101
Northwest Press HOME102
CollageOrama HOME103
Nana Williams HOME104
Bruce Brenneise HOME105
Creepycult HOME106
Art By Vikram Madan HOME107
Odd Fauna HOME108
Small Rini Lady HOME109
Bling Squared Cute Glass HOME200
Nucleus Portland HOME201
Wax Lab Candle Company HOME202
Tally Ink Publishing HOME203
Josh Pemberton Art HOME204
Geeky Caticorn HOME205
Stasia Burrington Illustration HOME206
Emerald City Wigs HOME207
Sad Riot HOME208
Katie Croonenberghs of Kamakru Art HOME209
Badger Burrow Dreamboxes HOME300
Darthlolipop HOME301
Nate Taylor HOME302
Cherry Bartholomew Art HOME304
Morbid Heart Design HOME305
Lethal Shadows HOME306
The Adventures of Frank and Mustard HOME307
Popmuertos HOME308
The Monostache HOME309
Lisa LaRose Art HOME400
Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique HOME401
Katie Hauenstein HOME402
Gamechangers Guild HOME403
A Nature Unknown HOME404
Wikid Publishing HOME405
Silk Road Publishing HOME406
Stormforged Studios HOME407
Artistry for the Brave HOME408
Brick King HOME409

Interactive Experiences

Looking for other fun things to do on the show floor? Check out some of these cool interactive experiences!

Star Wars fans:

Ultra Sabers Booth #1015 – Choose your weapon

Photo Ops:

Regal Cinemas Booth #1406 – Sit in a sweet ass chair
Dreamworks Booth #1301 – Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeast Character photo op
Dark Horse Booth #2208 – Photo ops and art wall
Jelly Belly Booth #NLN8 – Games, jelly bean mural created by artist in residence during the show

Caffiene Kick

Friday Afternoon Tea – Booth #605, and Monster #1101 – Pick your caffination


Oni Press Booth #1502 – Lounge

Live Demonstrations

Weta #2402 – Live makeup demos


Wyrmwood Booth #1229 – Gaming, build your own game piece
Level up dice Booth #709 – Gaming, play with dice

& Friends of the Show