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  • A Sunny Disposish

    Company:   A Sunny Disposish

    • R2

    Jenny is a 1.5 gen Korean illustrator living in sunny California. She's a big fan of intersectional feminism and drawing dogs and witches.

  • Adam Hughes

    Company:   Adam Hughes

    • JJ14

    Illustrator, comic artist and writer. Most recently worked as an interior artist on Mike Mignola's Hellboy: Krapusnacht, and the artist and writer for...

  • Aimee Steinberger

    Company:   Aimee Steinberger

    • V2

    Aimee Steinberger is a professional animation storyboard artist on Futurama, The Simpsons, Disney's Descendants and the new Matt Groening Disenchantme...

  • Alex Pelayre & Lisa Pelayre

    Company:   Alex Pelayre & Lisa Pelayre

    • I2

    Alex Pelayre is a Seattle native who has been working in the games and entertainment industry contributing concept art, illustration and production ar...

  • Alienfirst

    Company:   Alienfirst

    • GG6

    Pacific Northwest game artist, illustrator, and art teacher, with an appreciation for both the cute and grotesquely bizarre. Has relations with crime ...

  • Alix Branwyn

    Company:   Alix Branwyn

    • E4

    Alix Branwyn is a Seattle based illustrator for the games industry. Her work is primarily in fantasy and horror, with a focus towards the dark and cre...

  • Allison Smith & Dawn Carlos

    Company:   Allison Smith & Dawn Carlos

    • GG2

    Allison Smith is an illustrator and currently a storyboard revisionist on the upcoming season of Young Justice at Warner Bros. in Los Angeles Dawn ...

  • Allison Sohn

    Company:   Allison Sohn

    • JJ13

    Allison Sohn is wife and partner in crime to artist and writer Adam Hughes. An artist in her own right, Allison's work can be found on trading cards,...

  • Amy King

    Company:   Amy King

    • R5

    Illustrator, character designer, comic artist and writer, Amy has recently done work for Dark Horse, as well as focused on two independent comics of h...

  • Andrea Broccardo

    Company:   Andrea Broccardo

    • C11

    Andrea Broccardo is an Italian artist that work with Marvel since 2015. He worked on: Star Wars Kanan the last Padawan, Amazing Spider-man, Civil War ...

  • Ann Uland

    Company:   Emily Willis and Ann Uland

    • GG12

    I'm an artist who likes to draw a lot of things, really. But when I work with my wife Emily (who's a writer), we tend to come up with historically the...

  • Apple Cox Dogs in Rain

    Company:   Apple Cox

    • T13

    Apple Cox’s design work has appeared at leading retail outlets and museums ranging from Nordstrom’s and Pottery Barn through the Wing Luke Museum. Bes...

  • Arielle Jovellanos

    Company:   Arielle Jovellanos

    • CC1

    Arielle Jovellanos is a freelance illustrator and comic artist who's worked with Dark Horse Comics, IDW, Little Brown & Company, the Smithsonian, and ...

  • Ashleigh Popplewell

    Company:   Ashleigh Popplewell

    • AA5
  • Ashley Boyd

    Company:   Ashley Boyd

    • C10

    Ashley Boyd is a freelance illustrator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has professional experience in both character design and the games ind...

  • Aynsley King

    Company:   Aynsley King

    • FF1

    Aynsley King is a professional Storyboard Artist working in the TV & Film Animation Industry in Vancouver, Canada. She is the creator of her comic, Ca...

  • Barry Blankenship

    Company:   Barry Blankenship | Leann Moffitt

    • Z3

    Barry Blankenship is a freelance illustrator/designer gig poster artist and screen printer from the pacific North West. Barry has a BFA in Advertising...

  • Ben Fleuter

    Company:   Ben Fleuter

    • G5

    Ben started making webcomics 13 years ago and just can't stop. HE JUST CAN'T STOP! Post-apocalyptic? Probably. Monster girls? Yes. What does he do out...

  • Bettie Page Catwoman

    Company:   Devin "Spicy Donut" Lawson

    • O2

    Classic pinup style catwoman with a bettie page flair!

  • Bill McGuire

    Company:   Bill McGuire

    • DD9

    Artist, illustrator, senior animator, game artist and comic guy

  • Bill McKay

    Company:   Bill McKay

    • C5

    Zombie Tramp, Lady Death, Dollface, Vampblade, Danger Doll Squad, Sad Girl Psycho Baby, AmeriKarate and Penny For Your Soul cover artist.

  • Blacky Shepherd

    Company:   Blacky Shepherd

    • II14

    Blacky Shepherd is a Seattle based artist and writer, whose previous work includes Vampirella: Feary Tales, and Voltron: From the Ashes, written by Cu...

  • Blond

    Company:   Blond

    • W1

    "Artist. Techno-viking. Industrial groove machine. Blond has been coloring and writing artist bios since comics were painted on cave walls, until the ...

  • Braden Lamb & Shelli Paroline

    Company:   Braden Lamb & Shelli Paroline

    • JJ8

    Braden and Shelli are the artists of over 30 issues of the Adventure Time comic (w: Ryan North), as well as the Midas Flesh, and Making Scents (w: Art...

  • Brandi Kenney

    Company:   Brandi Kenney

    • CC11

    Artist who loves all the things

  • Brian Denham

    Company:   Brian Denham

    • EE2

    Former U.S. Marine, Brian Denham, began his career with Alan Moore on Violator V. Badrock. Brian has gone on to work for Marvel, DC, Wildstorm, Top Co...

  • BUZZ

    Company:   Buzz

    • E8

    Buzz is a comic book artist known for his work on JSA, ATOMIKA, VAMPIRELLA, LUNA, X-FACTOR, IMPULSE, and many more A very popular and sought after co...

  • Caitlin Ono

    Company:   Caitlin Ono

    • E10
  • Chris Anderson

    Company:   Chris Anderson & David Accampo

    • U13

    Comic book, character and storyboard artist hailing from Los Angeles,CA. Books include Lost Angels and Devilskin. Design for Star Wars and untold numb...

  • Chris Bjors

    Company:   Chris Bjors & Angela Schmer

    • Z6
  • ChrissaBug

    Company:   ChrissaBug

    • G3

    ChrissaBug is a past Game Artist, now Independent and freelance illustrator! She specializes in Character Design and Illustration, Realtime VFX, and ...

  • Chrissie Zullo's Forces of Destiny Leia...

    Company:   Chrissie Zullo

    • R14

    Chrissie Zullo has created comic book covers for "Star Wars: Forces of Destiny", "Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella", "Vampirella", “Fables: The Wolf Among Us...

  • Christopher Jones

    Company:   Christopher Jones

    • II9

    Christopher Jones recently drew Doctor Who: The Third Doctor for Titan Comics, (written by Paul Cornell) and is next drawing Doctor Who: The Seventh D...

  • Comfort and Adam

    Company:   Comfort and Adam

    • U8

    Comfort and Adam are the award nominated duo responsible for The Uniques, Rainbow in the Dark, Kitty Game, and The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing C...

  • Corinne Roberts

    Company:   Corinne Roberts

    • U9

    Corinne Roberts has written and illustrated Trip to Trekka, Imaginary Sea 1,2,3!, and Something Random. Her webcomic/comicbook Out and About will be ...

  • Daniel Govar

    Company:   Daniel Govar

    • NN12

    Creator/Illustrator of comics, concept art, games, storyboards, and covers. Clients include Marvel, DC, Valiant, Sony, Dynamite, Take 2, Namco/Bandai,...

  • Danielle Gransaull

    Company:   Danielle Gransaull

    • W13

    Sketch Card and comic artist. Currently working on Action Lab's Dollface.

  • Dave Dwonch

    Company:   Dave Dwonch

    • C3

    Dave Dwonch has been a comics writer and artist producing indie titles for over a decade. Recently he penned several titles, most notably Vamplets (wi...

  • DPI Studios

  • Dustin Weaver

    Company:   Dustin Weaver

    • F5
  • Ed Appleby

    Company:   Ed “the Comic Guy” Appleby

    • FF11
  • Elle Skinner

    Company:   Elle Skinner

    • O1
  • Emily C Martin

    Company:   Emily C. Martin

    • HH3

    Illustrator, comic artist and co-creator of "Princeless"

  • Emily Watson

    Company:   Emily Watson

    • JJ11

    I'm a 14 year-old artist from Seattle. I love music and Asian food. My art is made mostly on Photoshop. See some of my work @lavvigo on Instagram.

  • Ethan Castillo

    Company:   Ethan Castillo

    • FF8

    Ethan Castillo is a 13-year-old aspiring comic artist. He has worked as a sketch card artist for Upper Deck's Spider-Man Homecoming and Fleer Ultra Sp...

  • Fawn

    Company:   Kevin McCoy

    • GG1
  • Gavin Gray Valentine

    Company:   Gavin Gray Valentine

    • DD7

    Gavin is an illustrator of the strange and whimsical creatures that inhabit the enchanted forests of Elsewhere.

  • Genué Revuelta & Karina Farek

    Company:   Genué Revuelta & Karina Farek

    • S3

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