Security at ECCC

When you arrive at the WSCC for the show, we know you are excited to get in and start having fun right away. To get everyone inside quickly and safely, we needed to make some new changes this year for entering the show. We work closely with the venue, security agencies and law enforcement to develop comprehensive plans to keep everyone safe. Thanks in advance for being super cool about your role in being prepared and helping us give you a great experience.
There's a lot of important information here, so please read carefully and completely so you'll know exactly what to expect.


No, as in past years, there will be multiple entrances and exits to the convention center. Only those who plan on arriving prior to 10am will need to use the entrance on Convention Place. This is so security has the opportunity to process fans before 10am, so they can already be through security and enter the show right when it officially opens. Entrances through the TCC, Freeway Park, the 7th Street Entrance and the parking garage entrances, will also be utilized, but only after the show opens.

No, there is not only one ADA entrance into Emerald City Comic Con. For show hours, all show entrances are equipped to welcome and prioritize ADA patrons. There is an entrance, labeled on our maps, that is dedicated to ADA patrons only, alongside the main entrance at the end of Convention Place. As always, we encourage those that might have any special needs to reach out to our ADA team prior to the show so their individual needs or concerns can be addressed.

No, you can plan to arrive to ECCC according to your original plans for the show. There is no need to show up early to get through the screening process.

Yes, in order for security to be effective, anyone who has exited the building cannot reenter without being rescreened.  There will be certain secured areas outside (like an area in Freeway Park) that will be secured where fans can exit and reenter without being rescreened, as long as they stay within the secured area.

Yes, we know that being able to use Freeway park is an important part of the ECCC experience and wanted our attendees to be able to still utilize as much of this outdoor place as possible. There will be a secured an area of the park where attendees can still go outside without having to be rescreened upon reentry. Anyone coming into the show from the park, outside the secured area will of course have to pass through a security checkpoint in the Atrium Lobby next to the Show Store on the 4th floor, which will be open after 10am.

It won’t! As we mentioned, feel free to dress to the nines and the security team will work with fans to make sure everyone, including cosplayers, gets in quickly and safely.

Here's what you need to know:

  • To enter the show, you MUST already have your badge. If you don't, you must visit Will Call, located in the Grand Hyatt (721 Pine St, Seattle, WA 98101) in the Princessa Ballroom on Level 1 to pick up your badge before entering either the Sheraton Level 2 or the Washington State Convention Center. You will not have access to the show without it. 
  • If you'd like to visit the Main Stage, Autographing, Photo Ops, or any other events located at the Sheraton Seattle as the first stop of your day, you can head straight there. You do not and should not go to the convention center first, there is no need to.
  • The main entrance for ECCC this year is located on Convention Place. Head northeast on Pike Street (away from The Market and the water), past 8th Street until you reach Convention Place. Make a right onto Convention Place and follow the tunnel, the entrance will be on your right. It will be open before show hours start.
  • The TCC entrance will be used as well, but will only open after the show opens at 10am.
  • There is an ADA entrance at Convention Place and Union Street, but those with ADA needs will be able to use any entrance into the show prior to 10:00 AM.
  • Everyone will go through metal detectors upon entry. So leave the utility belt at home (unless it's a very important part of your cosplay of course!). Feel free to dress to the nines and bring whatever you'll need, just know the less you have with you, the faster and easier it will be to get through security.
  • Prepare to have your bag searched and props inspected. The same rules of our weapon and prop policies that have applied in past years apply again this year and all items that violate this policy will be confiscated in accordance with this policy.
  • Have your badge out and visible as you get ready to go inside the building.
  • No badge? Again, you need your badge to enter the show, so first you'll need to head to Will Call, now located at the Grand Hyatt on 721 Pine Street.
  • As much as we love our pets, please leave yours at home. Service animals only please.
  • Carry a recognized form of photo ID at all times (your actual identity, not your alter ego)
  • Be patient with the process and follow the instructions of ECCC Staff and Minions.

We know these are big changes, and that can be hard and nerve-wracking, but ECCC knows that while we are experts on all things pop culture, we need to defer to the expertise of the security and law enforcement agencies on their recommendations and requirements in order to protect everybody's safety. Thank you so much for playing your part in this and we'll see you soon!