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ECCC 2022 Official Hoodie

ECCC 2022 Spirit Jersey

ECCC 2022 Echo T-Shirt

ECCC 2022 Tarot Card T-Shirt

ECCC 2022 Official T-Shirt

ECCC 2022 Con Friends Ladies Shirt

ECCC 2022 License Plate T-Shirt

ECCC 2022 Lanyard

ECCC 2022 Pine Trees Sticker

2022 Tarot Postcard Set

ECCC 2022 Mountain Dad Hat

ECCC 2022 Tarot Deck of Cards

ECCC 2022 Mountain Pin

ECCC 2022 Official Pin

ECCC 2022 Tarot Card Pin

ECCC x Grishaverse Ice Court Exclusive

ECCC x American Cancer Society

Dungeons & Dragons Ringer

Dungeons & Dragons Black T-Shirt

Mountain T-Shirt

90's Raglan

Bubble Mermaid T-Shirt

Adventure T-Shirt

Cassette T-Shirt

Mountain Flannel

2022 Official Ladies T-Shirt

2022 Official Youth T-Shirt


Bar Key


National Parks Magnet

Funko Soda Pop Crusaderette

ECCC Spumoni Cream Tentacle Kitty



90's Nostalgia 3 Pin Set

90's Nostalgia Cassette Tape Staff Trader Pin

90's Nostalgia Cartridge Pin (with purchase of $100.00+)


Grishaverse Corporalki Tote

Grishaverse Etherialki Tote

Grishaverse Materialki Tote

Grishaverse No Mourners No Funerals Collar Pin Set

Grishaverse No Mourners No Funerals 2 Pin Set


Waited in line

Walked the Entire Exhibit Hall

Made a new friend

Found a new fandom

Scored an Exclusive

Got Lost

Phone didn’t die

Gave up & sat on the Floor

Forgot something at the hotel

Had photo taken of you/took a photo with a stranger

Remembered to eat

Attended a Panel

Survived the Queue Hall

Bought art in Artist Alley

Met a celebrity

Traded with a staff member

Stayed hydrated