20 Years of ECCC

Can you believe it’s been 20 YEARS since the first ever Emerald City Comic Con?! This year, we’re celebrating our birthday in style at the brand-new Seattle Convention Center Summit Building, March 2-5.

What’s made these 20 years together so special is you, our community, and the memories we’ve all been able to create together. To commemorate all those ~feels~ and specialness, we’re absolutely thrilled to present our official key art for ECCC 2023 created by the incredible, long-time ECCC Artist Alley veteran, Kevin Wada! In this piece, Kevin captures how ECCC brings together fans across all fandoms in this beautiful city we call home.

“Emerald City Comic Con is one of my favorite conventions in the circuit!” said Kevin when we asked him what the show means to him. “I started attending at the beginning of my comic career and the amount of attention and care and effort the organizers put into the event really set the standard in my fresh eyes.  The organizers have always made me feel so welcome and it's a testament to the heart and passion behind the show that it's the hugely successful convention it is today.  When I attend ECCC I see the joy and love in the attendees too - these are fans who love comics as an art form and want to see the community flourish and be celebrated.  For this key art, we wanted to focus on the plethora and variety of attendees that contribute to the culture and soul of ECCC.  It means so much to me to be able give back to this convention!”

Kristina Rogers, our Vice President, was raised in Seattle and has worked on ECCC for many years. When asked about what this anniversary means to her, she said, “For me, ECCC has always meant home – it’s my hometown and the first event I ever worked on, seeing it turn 20 makes me feel equal parts proud and old. We’ve built a home away from home for tens of thousands of people over the years and celebrating 20 years in Seattle Convention Center’s brand-new Summit building is the start of a great new chapter for us.”

When we think about the memories we shared at ECCC, they always involve YOU. So, let’s hear from you and your favorite memory throughout the years:

Submitted by: Edward O. 
This was my favorite meeting of going 6 years straight!

Submitted by: Amanda T. 
In 2019, my kids and I went to ECCC and dressed as Octonauts. Got to meet some of my favorite urban fantasy authors Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop!

Submitted by: Rebecca D.

Every year has been a blast! So many great moments meeting a lot of celebrities (some favs are Nathan Fillion, Alex Kingston, Karl Urban, Karl Urban ). My best con though has to be when I cosplayed a brownie from Willow with my bestie. So comfy, so so so fun!

Of course being able to take my daughter and husband last year was precious and memorable too!

Submitted by: Christina M. 
Meeting the cast of Our Flag Means Death last year! Can’t wait to recreate this photo with Rhys Darby and Samba Schutte!

Submitted by: Lacy F.
Cheesy, but I just love going and hanging out with friends.

Submitted by: Natalie E.

#ECCC is always memorable for my family. We’ve taken the kids since they were infants. But I think my favorite moment was when Christopher Lloyd photobombed the table selfie of my hubby as Griff Tannen and Tom Wilson. Good times!!

Submitted by: Steven R.

2021 I paid for my first ever Autograph. It was John Cena, I had him sign my late grandpa’s hat who we lost in May. When I told him the story of why I had him sign it, and that it was for my grandma’s Christmas gift, that she and my grandpa were huge fans of his and what he did for the military as we are an army family. He almost cried and said wow thank you for letting me be a part of something so meaningful to your family. I’ll never forget that because my grandma loved it.

Submitted by: Amanda R. 
My four-year-old seeing a random cosplayer dressed like Spider-Gwen and walking up to ask her if she’d take a photo of her and her agreeing.

Submitted by: Laura M. 
Geeking out with my kids every year!

Submitted by: Shawna F. 
When I got to meet Rupert Grint (one of my favorite actors of all time) at my first ECCC!

Submitted by: Carly C. 
My favorite Emerald City Comic Con memory was definitely meeting the GOAT Hayden Christensen. Afterward I needed to be heart stopped!

Thank you for so many years of memories. We can’t wait to celebrate our 20th anniversary with you this year!