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ECCC Show Guide: Bringing the Kids

All the facilities and activities to keep in mind when visiting with your little superheroes!

Emerald City Comic Con is the perfect way to spend the day nerding out as a family; there’s plenty for kids big and small to see all across the Show Floor and the best part is…kids ages 5 and under go free with an adult ticket holder!  

See them marvel at cosplayers sporting their favorite character’s attire, join in the fun with a super cool costume of their own, or take part in one of our many interactive sessions…they won’t be bored!

With so much to see and do across four days, we all can get tired as we cross off our ECCC bucket list. Rest, relax and reset in one of our personal reset rooms located on the 3rd and 4th floor next to the restrooms, or in the Quiet Room in 326. Reset rooms may be used by folks and families on a first come-first served basis, while the Quiet Room is a community space for all seeking some calm.

What is there for kids and families at Emerald City Comic Con?

Family HQ at ECCC is the place for superheroes of all ages, all weekend long! Join us at the Seattle Convention Center for a family day out and bring along the whole family. Our dedicated Show Feature located on Level 5 of the Summit building has interactive workshops and free programming all weekend long. Learn more about Family HQ

Family-Friendly Panels and Programming

We’re excited to offer fun programming to all members of the family, all-weekend long! Visit our panel list to see which kid-approved programs are taking place at ECCC:

Making your day run as smoothly as possible…

Kids 4-Day tickets are for fans ages 6-12. Similar to other tickets, Kids 4-Day tickets can and will sell out, so be sure to get yours early. Please be prepared to show proof of age onsite (a copy of a birth certificate or ID card is plenty). Once all Kids 4-Day tickets are allocated, no more will be released. If Kids tickets sell out, you can purchase a regular day ticket to attend the show.

Kids 5 and under go FREE, so bring all the little superheroes and enjoy your day out!

Find an ECCC staff member or security guard and we will help you locate your missing party member. We strongly recommend that when you arrive at ECCC, you and your party pick a location to meet in case anyone does get lost (psst..outside one of our Info Booths is an excellent choice)

REMEMBER: If you have a Kids ticket, you can write your phone number right on the ticket so in case someone gets lost, we can call you directly.

All minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent and/or guardian.

Sorry, Emerald City Comic Con does not provide child care services on site. We do however have an amazing line-up for your whole family to enjoy.

ECCC Show Guide: Cosplay

Here’s a reminder of some essential cosplay etiquette, whether you’re a seasoned costume creator or it’s your first time out.

Whether you’re a cosplay veteran, dress-up newbie, or just need a refresher on the best way to manage a convention in your costumed splendor (hey, it’s been a while for some of us!), here’s a check-list of do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when preparing for your time at ECCC.


  • Try it out before the show

  • Try it on and move around at home a little so you can be sure it’s comfortable and make tweaks if there’s anything wrong with the fit. Can you sit down, walk easily, and (most importantly!) can you remove it easily to go to the bathroom?

  • Be cosplay conscious

  • Cultural appropriation and/or changing your natural skin tone to that of another realistic race is not cosplay. It’s also important to keep in mind that ECCC is a family event, so please make sure your costume is suitable for all age groups. No accidental exposure or costumes of an inflammatory/offensive nature please!

  • Stay cool and comfy

  • It can get hot and tiring getting around a convention all day! Wear comfy shoes, stay fed and hydrated, and bring some spare clothes to change into just in case it gets a little too uncomfy - you can always just leave them in the coat check.


  • Stress about it

  • It’s all meant to be fun! Don’t lose sleep over finishing your costume in time for the con; those tiny little finishing touches won’t make a memory, but enjoying the show definitely will.

  • Forget to read the rules

  • Our Costume, Weapons and Prop Rules are there to keep everyone safe - be sure to give them a read to make sure your cosplay complies. There would be nothing worse than pain-stakingly creating a bespoke weapon or prop only to realize it won’t be allowed in the building!

Remember the Cosplay Central team is here to help!

Cosplay Central will be your go-to for cosplay needs during your time at the show and the place to head to for information on all costume showcases and competitions across ECCC weekend. 

Need a place to change or make some adjustments? Utilize one of our changing areas. Got an emergency costume crisis? Speak to the Cosplay Hospital team who’ll be on hand to glue-gun, sew or tape your ‘fit back together; all free of charge!

Not sure where to start?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that cosplay is for EVERYONE. ‘Accuracy’ is only relevant for cosplay competitions…and even then it’s about craftsmanship of the costume itself, not the physical traits of the cosplayer wearing it. You can cosplay ANY character you love!

Once you know who you’d like to cosplay, look up some pictures of the character and make a list of the different pieces, top to bottom, so you can gather or make all the pieces e.g. wig, dress, shoes, accessories. Not confident about making it from scratch? You can buy whole costumes, get bits from ready made clothes, or even make custom pieces by altering existing clothing; the possibilities are truly endless.

Learn something new!

Be sure to check out the Cosplay Central stage schedule for a plethora of creative costuming sessions, prop building inspiration, dedicated workshops and much more running throughout the weekend.

Get Involved!

From casual competitions to Crown Championships, whether you’re strutting your stuff on stage or cheering supportively from the crowd, you’re a part of what makes cosplay at ECCC so incredible and we can’t wait to welcome you!  

See you at the show!

ECCC Show Guide: If you’re feeling overwhelmed…

Read our top tips for managing anxiety at the show.

While conventions are the perfect place to meet new people and dive into your favorite fandom, we know they can also be A LOT. If you’re feeling anxious about attending ECCC, here’s a handy guide for how to manage this on the day, along with some less hectic spots on the show floor you can head to when you need a breather.

Before the show…

There are several things you can do before you even arrive at the venue to make your day run as smoothly as possible:

Have a look at all the information on our website or download the official ECCC app to make a plan for your time at the show. Which panels do you want to watch? Which guests do you want to meet? There will be lots to take in on the day, so making a priority list you can check off will help things work for you. Be sure to take into account queueing time, and give yourself lunch and bathroom breaks!

You might also take the time to familiarize yourself with the new venue layout, so you have a good understanding of where the amenities are located. Visit the Seattle Convention Center website for further details.  

At the show…

First (and most importantly!) don’t put too much pressure on yourself; you’re there to make memories and have fun, after all!

If you feel like things are getting a little too much, don’t hesitate to take a second away from the crowds until you’re feeling comfortable enough to carry on with your day.

Here are a few areas around the event to head to when you’re looking to catch a break…

Panels: like podcasts, but live! Give yourself a minute (or 40) to take a seat and hear from pros, discover your new favorite author, or catch a screening in one of our many scheduled panel sessions.

Brush off the show floor noise by checking out an old favorite from our console gaming library, or try your hand at something new in the tabletop gaming area. We’ve got titles to play solo, or try with like minded folk - the choice is yours.

ECCC is a great place to meet likeminded people and make new friends. If you’re anxious about being at the con and meeting new people, you aren’t alone! Check out our meetups and feel free to join one for the fandom or category that speaks to you! Friendly faces are waiting to see ya! 

Still not feeling great? 

Whether you’re feeling anxious, overstimulated, or just need a moment by yourself, find some calm in one of our Quiet 326. The Quiet Room is a community space open to anyone looking to break from the comic con buzz, find it located in the Summit Building in Room 435 or in the Arch Building in Tahoma 5.

Most importantly, remember you’re in a room full of people celebrating the things they love – just like you! If you need assistance or just someone to talk to, find the nearest ECCC team member and let us help. We can’t wait to hang out with you all weekend!

ECCC Guide: Meeting Celebrities

Here’s our quick guide to making your celebrity encounter one to remember…

One of the main attractions at ECCC is the unique opportunity to meet your heroes face-to-face. Here’s our quick guide to making your celebrity encounter one to remember…

How does it all work?

Photo Ops and Autographing will take place at the Seattle Convention Center Arch building on Level 4.  

For Autographs…

When you arrive in the Autograph area, a helpful member of staff will direct you to the relevant line and answer any questions you may have. Once it’s your turn, they’ll scan your ticket and you’ll be able to choose from the available talent photos or present a bought item for the guest to sign. Simple!

Only select Autographs are available for pre-order online. If you don’t see Autographs listed for a certain guest, they will be available for purchase at their Autographing table at the show. 

For Photos…

As with Autographs, once you arrive in the photo area, you’ll be directed to the correct line for your chosen guest. Once it’s your turn, step up to the photo backdrop, say hello, strike a pose and then head round to the photo collection table. You’ll receive a high quality, glossy 8x10 photograph of yourself and the talent of your choice, taken by one of our professional photographers. Read more in Epic’s photo-op FAQs here.

Photo and Autograph Opportunities are paid-for additions; you will need an ECCC admission ticket too! Buy tickets now if you haven’t yet.

In the queue…

You may have a bit of a wait before meeting some of the more popular guests. This is a great opportunity to gather your thoughts, and try to plan what you’re going to say when you meet them. Pick a question you’d like to ask, or have a greeting straight in your head so you can cut to the chase when it’s your turn.

Pro-tip: Trade off with your group for super long queues - take the time to grab some food, use the bathroom or grab that bit of merch you’ve been eyeing up. Just make sure you’re back in time!

Most importantly, if you feel overwhelmed or anxious at any point, remember there are people there to help you. Please alert a member of staff who will be able to assist.

Things to bring…

  • Your confirmation email as proof of purchase.

  • The item(s) you want signed - You’re welcome to select one of the show-ready photos we’ll have at the signing booth on the day, or bring along something special to be signed.


  • Be friendly! Introduce yourself, strike up conversation, ask a question or how their day is going. Guests are happy to chat and love hearing how much you rate their work.

  • Make the most of your slot…but respect their time and others’ in the queue line. It’s better to keep things short and sweet!

  • Respect personal boundaries. Especially in current times, everyone will have different levels when it comes to interacting with fans; wait for them to initiate a handshake or hug.


  • Be inappropriate or harass the guests. They’re people too, and are trying to enjoy the convention just as much as you are!

  • Bring large gifts - celebrities have baggage allowance too! 

  • We hope you have a great time meeting the guests at ECCC and can’t wait to see your amazing photos! Keen to share? Don’t forget to tag us on social media!

ECCC Show Guide: If it's your first show

Calling all newbies! Read our pro-tips for the ultimate survival guide to your first Con…

Calling all convention newbies! We can’t wait for you to experience your first Emerald City Comic Con and join in all the fun! Here’s everything you need to know for your first foray into geekdom…

What should you expect?

Comic Conventions are a rush on the senses, that’s for sure! Expect crowds, colorful cosplays and a huge array of things to see and do. 

The best thing about ECCC is that you’ll be in the same room as thousands of people who all love the same things that you do. Be open to chat - friends for life have been formed in queue lines!

What should you wear?

Comfy shoes

The Seattle Convention Center is an immense venue, and you’ll definitely be getting those miles in.


Whether you’re a seasoned costume creator, or looking to ‘don your favorite character’s ensemble for the first time, ECCC is the perfect place to do it! Where else will you see Spider-man sitting next to Eren Yeager on your morning commute?

Geeky gear

If you’re not up for cosplaying, be sure to break out that nerdy merch. This is a sure-fire way to meet folk into the same fandoms as you!


Forgive us for stating the obvious here, but conventions can be a sweaty place! Have some consideration for your fellow fans; a little bit of deodorant can go a long way.


What should you bring?


If you’ve already received your physical entry tickets for the weekend, don’t forget to bring them with you! And if you’ve opted to collect at the venue, bring a copy of your confirmation email. You can pick up tickets for any day of the event, starting when Will Call opens. 

Refillable water bottle

Staying hydrated is key to surviving the long days at ECCC. The Seattle Convention Center will have plenty of water fountains where you can refill your water bottle for free throughout the day, just remember to bring a bottle!


There will be plenty of catering outlets around the venue to grab lunch, but we’d advise bringing a snack or two to munch on in case you get peckish.

Battery pack

You wouldn’t want to run into your favorite celebrity or cosplayer and miss the chance to snap a photo, would you?! Bring a mobile power bank and make sure your devices are charged up for the duration.

We’ve got an app for that!

Don’t forget to download the ECCC app ahead of attending so you can check out the latest schedules, find your way on the map and make sure you don’t miss all the fun!


  • Make a plan for your time at the show. Check the online schedule and study the show floor map when you arrive to create yourself a schedule for the day - you’ll only be disappointed if you try to do too much and spread yourself too thin!

  • Trade off with your group when queuing for stuff - use the opportunity to grab some food, use the bathroom or grab that bit of merch you’ve been eyeing up!

  • Going it alone? Visit our Discord channel ahead of the show and do a call out for a con-buddy, or head to one of the many fan-meets happening throughout the weekend to find your people!

  • Set alarms on your phone for the most important panels and activities to make sure you’re in the right spot at the right time.

  • Only sit in designated areas, and definitely not in front of doorways/aisles - you don’t want to block the flow of people!

  • Ask before you touch or take photos of cosplayers. Yes, they look fabulous, but please remember to respect personal boundaries and the investment that went into their costumes. Most people will be more than happy to strike a pose with you if you simply ask them first.

  • Let’s not forget the biggest pro-tip of all…enjoy yourself 

Oh, and remember - if you have any questions you can’t find the answer to on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service team, or ask a member of staff on the day.

Most importantly, remember you’re in a room full of people celebrating the things they love – just like you! If you need assistance or just someone to talk to, find the nearest ECCC team member and let us help. We can’t wait to hang out with you all weekend!